Date: 02/10/2023
Author: Janick Rolli

Banner advertising in focus: Successful strategies for every phase of the marketing funnel

Strategic banner advertising in the marketing funnel is the central topic of this article. The marketing funnel is a crucial model that illustrates the customer’s journey from initial brand awareness to the purchase decision. The strategic placement of banner ads in the different stages of the funnel – see, think, do and care – is critical to the success of any marketing campaign. This article offers valuable insights and concrete strategies for the effective use of banner advertising in each of these stages. As a marketing novice, you will find useful information and tips to help you optimise your banner advertising strategy and achieve better results. 

Understanding the marketing funnel

The marketing funnel is a proven concept that illustrates the process from customer acquisition to customer retention. This model graphically represents the customer path as a funnel, starting with the wide opening at the top (see phase) and narrowing down to the often overlooked fourth phase.

In the see phase, the audience first becomes aware of a product or service. The main goal here is to generate attention and arouse the interest of the target group.

The think phase comes next. Here, customers take a closer look at and consider your offer. This phase aims to motivate potential customers to learn more about your product and consider it.

After this, you reach the do phase. This is where the customer’s interest is concretised and converted into a purchase. Strategies in this phase should aim to convince customers that your product or service is the best choice.

Lastly, there is the often neglected care phase. After the customer has converted, the focus is on customer satisfaction and retention. This stage is crucial for building a loyal customer base and encouraging word of mouth.

Each stage requires specific marketing strategies and tactics, including the effective use of banner advertising. A deep understanding of this model is therefore essential for planning and implementing successful banner advertising.

Banner advertising in the see phase

The see phase is the first and crucial step in the marketing funnel, where the primary objective is to capture the attention of potential customers and raise awareness of your brand, products or services. At this stage, banner advertising is a powerful tool that you can use effectively.

Firstly, it is important to create eye-catching and appealing banners. Visually appealing images, bright colours and clear, concise messages are essential to catch the attention of internet users in a sea of information. At the same time, the design should be professional and representative of your brand to make a positive first impression.

In addition, the placement of your banners is of great importance. Choose platforms and websites that are frequently visited by your target group and use the opportunity to increase the visibility of your brand through targeted placement.

In the see phase, the KPIs you should pay attention to are impressions, click-through rate (CTR) and cost per mille (CPM). These metrics help you understand how many users are seeing and clicking on your ads, as well as calculating the cost per thousand impressions, which is essential for budget management.

Banner advertising in the think phase

After the see phase has successfully captured the interest of users, the think phase follows. In this phase, users already have a certain knowledge and attention towards your brand. The task now is to deepen this interest and get users to seriously consider your products or services.

At this stage, banner ads should be more precise and informative. The messages should be specific to the needs and expectations of the target group. It is advisable to use banners that clearly communicate what solutions or benefits your products or services offer. For example, you can work with targeted content and possibly special offers or exclusive deals to increase curiosity.

The retargeting strategy is particularly effective in the think phase. With retargeting banners, you can target users who have already visited your website and get them to return with specific ads.

The relevant KPIs in this phase are engagement rate, conversion rate and time on site. These metrics tell you how interactive users are with your ad, how many of them convert and how much time they spend on your website, which indirectly reflects their level of interest.

Banner advertising in the do phase

The do phase represents the critical moment of the purchase decision. In this phase, your banner ads are designed to convert the target audience’s engagement into real sales transactions. Call-to-action (CTA) elements are key here. Clear, eye-catching CTAs designed to persuade the user directly to buy must be prominently placed in your banners.

In addition, personalised offers and ads are invaluable. Use data and insights about your target audience to create tailored messages and offers that increase the likelihood of conversion. Sense-of-urgency tactics can also be helpful at this point, for example through limited-time offers or discounts that motivate users to act immediately.

In the do phase, you should pay particular attention to KPIs such as conversion rate, return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per acquisition (CPA). These metrics help you measure the direct ROI of your banner advertising and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Banner advertising in the care phase

The care phase is essential after the sale to build customer loyalty and strengthen a long-term relationship with the customer. Here, banner advertising should aim to maximise customer value and promote customer loyalty. Banners can be used to thank customers for their loyalty, inform them about future products and services or encourage them to further interact with your brand. KPIs at this stage can include Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Net Promoter Score (NPS), which help you assess and optimise the long-term value and satisfaction of your customers.

Final thoughts: Mastering banner advertising in the marketing funnel

Banner advertising plays a vital role in every stage of the marketing funnel. From initial brand awareness building, to targeted interest deepening, to the final purchase decision and beyond – with the right strategy, banner advertising can significantly strengthen your brand. A deep understanding of each stage of the funnel and the application of effective, stage-specific banner advertising strategies is essential to maximising the success of your marketing efforts.

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